Point of Sale


Digital Change at the Point of Sale

Online trading is growing steadily; however, many purchase decisions are still made at the point of sale. Take advantage of the digitalization to make the stationery business more modern by integrating the identity PoS software for Smartphone, Tablet and PC. With the identity solutions, paper-based processes are handled completely electronically. eIDAS compliant.

In almost all business transactions, companies need the ID data of their customers at the point of sale. The employee usually copies the ID card and transfers the data manually into the system, which can lead to transmission errors, and impedes the ordering and identification process.

With the identity PoS software, the identity card images and data are digitally captured and automatically transferred to your CRM tool. Encrypted and data protection compliant. The seller is guided step by step through the sequence of identification parameters and has the option of adding the missing information. The actual identity check is then carried out on the basis of a summary of the customer data.

The seller himself is also verified by two-factor authentication. The four-eyes principle applies here, in that the data and images are transmitted to the identity portal for verification by a trained employee.

The PoS solution can be flexibly adapted to different use cases. For sales financing, the electronic remote signature can also be used. If the customer agrees to the data transfer to the signature provider for certificate creation, one-click is all it takes to check whether an existing certificate already exists for the specified e-mail address. If not, a certificate is created. The contract is legally signed via SMS-TAN, which the customer receives on his mobile phone. The concluded contract is transmitted digitally to the customer and the seller and can be digitally archived for further processing.

The identity PoS software can be easily integrated into your system via an interface.