Digital Omnichannel Contract Managment

Synchronous or a-synchronous contract conclusion at the point of sale is available online utilizing a qualified electronic signature after real-time identification or via telephone with a consultant in a synchronous web session. With the AI-based identity Omnichannel solution, your customers will have round-the-clock service at their disposal.

Signature processes on paper are time-consuming and no longer up to date. The customer, whether B2B or B2C, wants to use the service quickly and reliably, often regardless of location and time, and process the associated contracts. As a result, face-to-face business and online processing are growing together more and more. 

We help you to use or strengthen the opportunities of digitization by developing cost-conscious agile solutions together with you and implementing them at short notice. The process can begin without media discontinuity, e.g., in a telephone call, and can be continued online.

With our sophisticated, reliable, and straightforward digital solutions, you can once again focus on your core business and the associated consulting. We ensure smooth interaction between contractual partners thanks to standardized processes. The dashboard always shows you the current status. If the process stops, we send reminders. Finally, you archive the digitally signed and transmitted documents with just a few clicks.