Live Contract


Consulting, Financing, Sales - with Live Contract you increase efficiency

The multi-channel business solution represents all processes in the consulting-intensive contract business. Live interaction, customer service, individual consulting, and synchronous contract processing. The integrated identity online legitimation procedures enable a legally binding contract conclusion in a synchronous web session through the qualified electronic signature - without media discontinuity! You secure time, cost, and competitive advantages.

As a client-capable solution, it enables individual telephone and video consulting with digital contract management. The customer can follow the contract design process in real-time. On his screen, he can see simultaneously and synchronously how the consultant fills in the forms with the customer's details. The digital signature concludes the interactive sales process, all according to data protection guidelines and encrypted. The consultant and customer experience the conversation as if they were sitting opposite each other personally. Live Contract promotes brand loyalty and customer proximity.


Live Contract is a product of SyncPilot, our partner for live contract solutions. Live Contract can be easily anchored in the infrastructure and in the CRM. Learn more about the value creation platform for tailor-made digitization.

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