identity smartID


Using identity smartID for identification with an existing Verimi account

With identity smartID users can identify themselves online quickly and easily using an existing Verimi account. 

Verimi is the digital safe for all personal data and partner of identity AG. Once identified online, e.g. by Video identification, users can digitally store their identification data in a Verimi account and reuse their data. The user’s data is only shared if the transfer of data is initiated by the data owner. With identity smartID, users retrieve their digital ID from the Verimi safe and identify themselves online with just a few clicks.



  1. Start identification

    by clicking on "Identify with Verimi"

  2. Login
    to your existing Verimi account
  3. Confirm
    with one click the transfer of your identity data
  4. Complete
    the transfer of your data in real time
  5. Result
    The requested service is immediately available