identity Shop

Identitätsprüfung in einem von über 2.000 Shops in Ihrer Nähe - unbürokratisch und ohne Wart

Identification within a few minutes in one of our 2,000 storefront locations

Customers can be identified in one of our locations quickly and conveniently. Signature service and/or merchandise delivery can follow immediately upon positive identification.


  1. Identification
    in one of our 2.000 shops
  2. E-Mail
    containing download link with identification documents
  3. Visit Shop
    identification using ID
  4. Signiture
    of identification protocol
  5. Result
    for immediate utilization by contractor in real time
  6. Contract or mercheandise
    signature and release upon positive identification


Personal identity verification may be carried out in any designated identity shop. After entering a zip code an identity shop closest to the customer and the service hours are displayed. An e-mail containing a link will be send to the customer e-mail address granting access to the identity print portal with all relevant documents required for identification.

Customers must print an identification protocol before going to an identity shop. No identification can be performed without the customer specific protocol. identity Shop is an audited and certified identification procedure by SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH. The protection of your personal data is our utmost concern. We only use the personal data necessary to comply with legal requirements and all data will be immediately deleted as soon as the identification process has been completed regardless of its result.