Digital Contract Management at Point of Sale

Synchronous or Asynchronous Legitimization, Face2Face, and online through real-time identification. Optional with qualified electronic signature for browser, Android, and iOS. 

With the identity PoS software for digital data acquisition, you automate your business processes. The app captures ID card images and data and transfers them to your CRM tool on the PC. The ID card data is recorded using the mobile application without media discontinuity.

Instead of printing the contract, signing by hand, and archiving later at great expense, the customer can legally sign electronically via TAN after having verified his identity and receives the concluded contract immediately by e-mail. You can archive your digital copy of the contract electronically with one click.

According to Forrester Research, the continuous digital process is 21 times faster than the procedure on paper.


  1. Start identification
    Identification based on identity document
  2. Capture data
    Scan of ID card with software application
  3. Enter customer data
    Automatic transfer of scanned ID data
  4. Agreement
    Confirm Privacy Policy and Certificate Creation for signature with TAN
  5. Signature
    Electronically with input of the signature-TAN and confirmation per mouse click
  6. Contract
    Digital transmission of signed contract


You have the option of signing your purchase or financing contract electronically in the shop. Your data will be recorded digitally for this purpose. Your ID card is not copied onto paper, just scanned. All data protection compliant. Your personal identity verification enables to apply for a certificate from our signature provider. With the electronic signature you save a lot of time. Contracts do not have to be sent by post and checked manually by the recipient. The best thing is you can take your product straight away.

The identity PoS procedure has been verifed by SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH and its security has been confirmed. The protection of your personal data is our top priority. We only collect and use data that may be collected to establish your identity in accordance with the relevant legal requirements. Your personal data will be deleted immediately after completion of the check.