identity Giro


Identity verification through an existing bank account within one minute

Enables fast and safe identification in minutes per all legal requirements. Using a desktop or laptop identity Giro permits immediate verification and identity confirmation in a secure banking environment.


  1. Start identification
    by selecting bank from displayed list
  2. Redirect
    to online banking portal, login as usual
  3. Identification data
    is displayed
  4. Confirmation
    of data by entering banking-TAN
  5. Result
    for immediate utilization by contractor in real time


Identification by means of identity Giro requires a German bank account with access to online banking. By entering your BIC or bank name, participating banks will appear, and you will be redirected to your online banking application. Please login to your personal online banking portal, and you will be guided through the identity verification process in three easy steps. Results are immediately transmitted in real-time to the contractor upon completion of the identification. No data is collected or stored at any time during the process.