identity eSign


Legally binding contract conclusion
within minutes using qualified
electronic signature and online identification

identity eSign allows for legally binding online contract signatures within minutes in compliance with all legal requirements using mobile electronic signatures following online identification. An identified person may sign any legally binding document according to the requirements of written form according to § 126a of the German civil code by using a qualified electronic signature. identity eSign takes place within the frame of a video conference.


  1. Electronic Signature
    Display of contract
  2. Confirmation
    Confirmation of contract
  3. SMS
    Reception of signature PIN (Valid 60 minutes)
  4. Redirect
    Video-call for identification on basis of ID Card
  5. Confirmation
    Conformation of ident data by entering TAN (SMS/E-Mail)
  6. Data transmission
    Confirm data transmission to Signature Portal
  7. PIN
    Signature by entering PIN
  8. Result
    Transmission of contract to customer and partner