identity eID

Identitätsprüfung innerhalb von Sekunden mit dem neuem Personalausweis (nPA)

Identity verification in seconds using new German identity card (nPA)

Using the eID function of the new German electronic ID card (nPA), identification takes place online within seconds. You choose the purpose and approve the data transfer. Deselected data does not need to be specified. The test result follows immediately after PIN entry. 

Basic requirements: New German identity card (nPA) with active chip, card reader and associated “AusweisApp”. Identifies, qualifies and signs legally binding documents in seconds.


  1. Start  identification
    with new German ID card with active chip
  2. AusweisApp
    reading the ident data with a card reading device
  3. Consent
    specifying purpose of the identification and transmission of data
  4. Confirmation
    through PIN entry
  5. Result
    for immediate utilization by contractor in real time


In order to use the RFID chip technology of the German ID card, you will need a new version of the identity card with RFID chip technology, an attached card reading device and the “AusweisApp”. You may download the app using the following link:

At the beginning of the procedure you will be prompted to switch on your card reading device. Through the app, you will be redirected to the eID-service provider. This is where your data is authenticated. After the verification of your previously submitted data, you are automatically redirected back to identity eID and receive positive confirmation in real time.