identity Courier

Unser Kurier identifiziert Sie an Ihrem Wunschort zur vereinbarten Zeit.

Our courier will identify customers at any location at a time that is convenient to them

Customers can schedule a time and place for in-person identification or arrange for an appointment online. Alternatively, our customer service agents will assist by via phone for an identification when and wherever convenient. Customers only need to concern themselves with being present at the agreed time and place, and our identity Couriers take care of everything else. Signature service and/or merchandise delivery can follow immediately upon positive identification.  


  1. Start  identification

    anytime, anywhere
  2. At the desired location
    identification on the basis of the identity document
  3. Sign
    the identification protocol
  4. Result
    for immediate utilization by contractor in real time
  5. Contract or merchandise
    signature and release upon positive identification


Our Courier will identify customers at a location of their choice at their convenience. Upon presentation of valid ID our friendly and trained Couriers will go through the identification process step by step. The customer and our Courier will sign the identification protocol document at the end of the identification process. 

Customers may choose an appointment from the displayed date options on our website and select a convenient time at a location of their choice. Should none of the proposed dates be suitable, customers may make an individual appointment by calling our service hotline and inquiring about possible alternatives.

identity Courier is an audited and certified identification procedure by SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH. The protection of your personal data is our utmost concern. We only use the data necessary to comply with legal requirements, all of which will be immediately deleted as soon as the identification process has been completed regardless of its result.