Our Partners


Bundesdruckerei GmbH

Secure identities and secure digitization are Bundesdruckerei's core competencies. The company uses technologies and services "Made in Germany" to protect sensitive data, communications and infrastructures. The solutions are based on the secure identification of people, machines and objects in the analogue and digital world.


Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH

200 years of experience and innovation coupled with the power of an efficiently managed company make OeSD a reliable partner that every country needs for the production of highly secure ID documents.

The company's modern transformation into a high-security service provider laid the foundation for this development. Today, OeSD develops and implements those security standards for handling personalized documents that guarantee an unambiguous determination of identity and the authenticity of a document.

Intensive research and the further development of existing security standards are the basis for a successful future for the company.


Acuant Inc.

Acuant’s next gen Identity Platform empowers businesses and consumers to transact with trust. Acuant's Trusted Identity Platform provides complete identity verification based on your level of risk so you can build your business with better customers. Powered by AI for the highest speed and accuracy, omnichannel products enable seamless customer experiences to increase conversions in the digital economy. Built to scale, be secure and meet compliance needs (KYC, AML & GDPR), Acuant allows businesses to establish trust via identity proofing from any location in seconds.


Namirial S.p.A.

European provider of software and services - including qualified trust services according to eIDAS regulation. The parent company Namirial S.p.A. was founded in the year 2000 by two visionary entrepreneurs with the aim to enable its customers to digitally transform their business processes.
Today Namirial is a provider of qualified trust services as well as software and workflow solutions. More than one million customers use the services for electronic signatures of electronic delivery services, electronic invoices and long-term archiving.

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Verimi GmbH

Verimi is a secure ID provider and makes processing of digital user data easy and legally secure. Identification and authentication is simple, fast and without media disruption. Personal data is stored securely in order to easily identify oneself in online offers.


European netID Foundation

netID is the new European Login Standard on the Internet and is operated and developed by the independent European netID Foundation. The advantages for your users are obvious: One password for everything, security and transparent consent management as well as data storage exclusively in the EU. More than 38 million users can already use netID without further registration. This also includes all e-mail users of the WEB.DE and GMX brands.


DPD Deutschland GmbH

DPD Germany is part of the international DPDgroup. The number two in the European parcel market combines innovative technologies with a high level of local expertise and thus enables a flexible and convenient service for both sender and recipient. With the help of 75,000 delivery experts and more than 42,000 local pickup parcel shops, the DPDgroup transports 5.2 million parcels a day to a total of 230 countries. The DPDgroup belongs to the French Le Groupe La Poste, the second largest postal company in Europe.


XignIn is the innovative solution of XignSys for authentication with smartphone. The XignIn technology enables user-friendly implementation of projects around authentication, payment and digital signatures - without passwords and without additional hardware.



SCHUFA is the abbreviation for "Schutzgemeinschaft für allgemeine Kreditsicherung" and our name has stood for seriousness and reliability since our foundation in 1927.

As a leading solution provider of credit information and information services for companies and consumers, we have data on 67.7 million natural persons and 6 million companies at our disposal. This makes us a reliable source of information for businesses and consumers.


Telekom Deutschland GmbH

With around 178 million mobile customers, 28 million fixed-network lines and 20 million broadband lines, Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies.


S-Markt & Mehrwert GmbH & Co. KG

S-Markt & Mehrwert stands for market proximity and entrepreneurship, for new beginnings and continuity as well as for innovation and quality.

We offer savings banks and alliance partners a wide range of usage options to strengthen their market competence. We are makers and future shapers of comprehensive market and value-added services. We deliver high-performance, customer-centric solutions that are always up to date. This means: digital, individual and innovative.


Governikus GmbH & Co. KG

Like no other company in Germany, Governikus stands for security and confidentiality in digital communication. Since 1999, we have been developing and supporting IT security solutions that are standard applications in the areas of e-government and e-justice. Our products cover the entire life cycle of electronic data transmission: from authentication and secure data transport to the preservation of evidence and long-term preservation of the value of electronic data.


SyncPilot GmbH

SyncPilot GmbH has been on the market since the beginning of 2015. The founders have more than 20 years of experience in building digital value chains for distribution, customer management and sales. The company specializes in digital business transformation of internationally operating sales companies. Its clientele includes brand name companies from the insurance, finance, automotive, energy, telecommunications, consumer goods, government, media, printing and publishing industries.


PrimeSign GmbH

PrimeSign is a Graz-based software company focusing on solutions for the efficient and secure use of electronic signatures and electronic identities in everyday life and business applications. Another outstanding feature of the company is its experience in and offering of e-government solutions. The company also sees itself as a tailor and supports its customers in all phases of solution development, implementation and operation. The company's experience gained over the years has flowed and continues to flow into its product development. The company's key product is its product suite of the same name, PrimeSign®, on which most customer-specific signature or identification solutions are based. With the PrimeSign product, the Graz-based company offers a server application that challenges the market for electronic signature and identification solutions.


fino run GmbH

fino's roots lie in the first digital, fully automatic account change in the industry. Since 2015 we have grown steadily and expanded our expertise. Today, fino Data Science combines financial knowledge and document recognition. This results in digital products that think for themselves and derive individual recommendations. These can then be implemented directly by the user.


Anyline GmbH

Anyline headquarters in Vienna, Austria is a hub for computer vision technology in the region. We host monthly meetups, workshops and more to spread the word about mobile OCR.

We’ve also put together a group of trustworthy and knowledgeable investors and advisors. We now operate with business expertise given to us by top Austrian investors such as Gernot Langes-Swarovski Stiftung, Johann Hansmann, as well as a team of Angel Investors from London and Silicon Valley.

But more important than all of that, is the fact that Anyline is a powerful mobile OCR tool with a lot of potential. Our patented technology is fast and accurate, providing some of the best scan results on the market.


Microblink Ltd.

Microblink is an R&D company developing proprietary computer vision technology optimized for realtime processing on mobile devices. Advanced neural networks and deep learning techniques are used to process the fastest and the most accurate text recognition locally on a mobile device. Therefore, we offer a variety of products as mobile SDK (software development kit) or WEB API tailored for specific use-cases.


ecsec GmbH

ecsec GmbH is a specialized provider of innovative solutions in the field of security in information and communication technology, security management, smart card technology, identity management, Internet security and electronic signatures. Based on many years of experience from various consulting projects of international scope, ecsec GmbH is one of the leading providers in this field and supports renowned customers in the conception and implementation of customized solutions.


Keyp GmbH

Europe’s largest ecosystem of ID service provider. Keyp’s mission is to turn identities into plug and play resources for online businesses.


ibes AG

has stood for reliable and needs-based IT solutions for over 20 years. Customer-specific, individual IT systems and applications are part of our core business. The basis is a sound technological competence, from modern development frameworks, database systems and mobile operating systems to embedded systems. The focus is on business web and mobile applications as well as embedded systems for M2M and security solutions.