14.07.2020In cooperation with the yes® ecosystem of Sparkassen and Volksbanken-Raiffeisenbanken, identity Trust Management AG goes to market with identity Giro.identity Trust Management AG presents identity Giro and connects more than 1.000 identity providers of the Sparkassen Finanzgruppe and the Genossenschaftliche Finanzgruppe via yes®.» more
24.06.2020Verimi and identityTM cooperate for secure identification in the internetConvenience triumphs, even in
digital identity - Verimi CEO Roland Adrian in an interview
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11.09.2019Zenjob accelerates online completion of employment contracts for student jobs Pioneering usage of remote identification and electronic signature powered by trust services from identity trust management and Namirial

•Every second employment contract of personnel service provider Zenjob already digitally signed
•Identity Trust Management identifying people in real time using video ident
•Namirial providing eiDAS compliant certificates for qualified electronic signatures
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14.11.2018Identity check at PoS according to eIDAS: Certification confirmed for Point-of-Sale identification procedure by identity Trust Management AGIf identity verification is required to conclude a credit agreement or the change of health insurance carriers, KYC services providers such as identity Trust Management AG ensure a user-friendly and safe implementation. In addition, procedures such as those of identity Trust Management AG (iTM) feature comprehensive certifications that officially certify security and legality. The point-of-sale identification procedure by iTM in accordance with valid, EU-wide eIDAS regulations has now been certified for the first time. This confirmation of iTM’s PoS procedure is the latest success, following re-certification of identity Management in regular intervals and the first-time confirmation of the identity Giro procedure already this year.» more