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Always the right solution for identity confirmation

The significance of digitization for companies and the economy has grown tremendously over the last weeks and months, whether it being customers with their constant request for available online services or conducting business transactions simple, fast and digitally secure.
A legally binding electronic signature is an important tool allowing business continuity in times of social-distancing.

According to the eIDAS regulation, a qualified electronic signature (QES) is just as legally valid as a signature by hand. Legally recognized within the EU she meets highest security level requirements. A precondition for this process is an eIDAS-compliant identification of the person rendering the signature. Until now, customers have had to identify themselves personally with their ID card, for instance at a bank branch. Now, with our fully digital solution, this can easily be accomplished online.

Bank-Verlag, a Trust Service provider accredited by the Federal Network Agency and the Federal Cyber Security Authority (BSI) provides multiple varieties of this service. They all have in common a guarantee for secure, legally valid identification and they all fulfill the standards of the Money Laundry Act (Geldwäschegesetz-GwG).  BVident enables an online identification via the ID card. You can find detailed information here: eID-service BVident

In addition to eID-service, Bank-Verlag now offers in cooperation with  identity Trust Management AG additional procedures for legally valid identifications;

  • identity Video
    With this process, the customers identity is ascertained beyond doubt. All data collected in the course of the video conference are transmitted to the client. The process meets all legal and regulatory requirements (currently BaFin Circular 3/2017).
  • identity Courier
    This procedure requires for the customer to arrange a personal appointment at his or her location of choice where the identification takes place by an identity courier.
  • identity Giro
    For identity Giro, the customer is able to use his or her financial institution that is used for online banking. After the transfer of data by the customer, he or she will be redirected to his or her online-banking page where the customer releases the purpose-related transmission of personal data. Since the personal data has already been registered at the customer’s institution, the identity is verified.

    Customers can select amongst a variety of procedures and eventually choose by preference. 

    About the Bank-Verlag GmbH

    Bank-Verlag is the central service company of private banks in Germany. It was founded in 1961 as specialist publisher and has established itself as an IT service provider since then. It operates high secure IT-systems as well as applications for the process of electronic payment transactions and for compliance requirements. The Bank-Verlag has many years of experience in the fields of debit and credit cards as well as e-banking. It develops standards and security procedures for cyber security. In addition, Bank-Verlag publishes various specialist publications and offers important information and networking opportunities for the financial sector through its events.

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