Verimi and identityTM cooperate for secure identification on the net


Verimi establishes a network of trust for digital identities in Germany and enters into a strategic partnership with identity TM. The cooperation results in cross-sector solutions for proof of identity on the Internet.

We are looking forward to a new cooperation: Verimi and the identification service provider identity Trust Management AG (identity TM) enter a strategic partnership for secure customer identification on the Internet. identity TM offers Know Your Customer (KYC) and electronic signature solutions for customer-friendly identification processes. In the future, identity TM will integrate Verimi services into its own range of products and services and make them available to its own existing and new customers. Verimi is also available to the user as an additional identification method. Users can save their identity data, which they have digitally verified through identity TM, for example when opening an account, at Verimi and thus reuse it at any time. Users who are already registered with Verimi can complete the identification process with just a few clicks.

Roland Adrian, Managing Director of Verimi, explains: "Digital identification is becoming increasingly important. Verimi is building a network of trust with which users can use their identity data flexibly and self-determinedly. With identity TM we reach many customers and now offer them the possibility to conveniently store their verified identity data at Verimi and reuse it at any time". This creates a double added value for the user: the identity check for customer onboarding is completed quickly. At the next provider, the user simply uses his stored identity with a few clicks without having to read an ID document again.

Through the integration of Verimi, identity TM is expanding its omni-channel range under the product name identity smartID, with a further user-friendly online procedure for the constantly growing digital market. Uwe Stelzig, CEO of identity Trust Management AG, explains: "The cooperation with Verimi means the consistent pursuit and implementation of our strategy: maximum conversion rates for our customers, by providing secure, efficient, certified and digital solutions for all industries in customer onboarding through the optimal design of the customer journey for the user". Stelzig continues: "With the addition of Verimi to our platform, we offer users who have an already verified digital identity the secure and instantaneous way to use their credentials in digital business transactions. “

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