Identity check at PoS according to eIDAS: Certification confirmed for Point-of-Sale identification procedure by identity Trust Management AG


If identity verification is required to conclude a credit agreement or the change of health insurance carriers, KYC services providers such as identity Trust Management AG ensure a user-friendly and safe implementation. In addition, procedures such as those of identity Trust Management AG (iTM) feature comprehensive certifications that officially certify security and legality. The point-of-sale identification procedure by iTM in accordance with valid, EU-wide eIDAS regulations has now been certified for the first time. This confirmation of iTM’s PoS procedure is the latest success, following re-certification of identity Management in regular intervals and the first-time confirmation of the identity Giro procedure already this year.

Ideal customer experience requires processes that are largely paperless and free from media disruption. This has a particular bearing on customer identification. "What is needed are mobile or stationary solutions that allow the personalized electronic signing of documents,” explains Uwe Stelzig, CEO of iTM. "Of equal importance, however: They need to adapt to different use cases and be highly integrative."

Paperless identification and countersigning – in brick-and-mortar commerce

For example, vehicle financing at the car dealership: What is needed is a procedure that checks and confirms an identity on the spot and allows a paperless contract to be executed. This is precisely what iTM's PoS identity procedure offers: a dealer can start the identification process using an ID document directly from the car dealership's financing software. Automated reading of the required ID data replaces the manual collection of the customer's personal data by the seller. After the subsequent customer credit check via the bank, the financing tool sends the personalized contract and the ID data – including the customer's mobile phone number – to the identity Management Service Provider (iTM). In response to the ID confirmation, a Trusted Services Provider (TSP e.g. the German Federal Printing Office) generates a remote valid qualified electronic signature for the customer in order to sign the necessary contract documents. The customer receives a signature PIN via SMS sent to his/her mobile device. At the same time, the contract is displayed in the Ident software or the financing tool – he/she enters the PIN received by SMS. After the electronic signing, the customer receives his contracts electronically; the financing bank receives a signed PDF and all the verification data in one data record.

Two initial certifications already in 2018

iTM had already received the eIDAS re-certification for identity management. iTM also received a first-time certification for identity Giro, an identification process with saved ID data used by the bank to identify customers. "Now we can proudly say that we are able to offer two paperless identity procedures, for which we are the only ones who hold eIDAS confirmations. We have thus gained another USP," says identity TM CEO Stelzig.

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