Open a Bank Account

Secure and verifiable verification of personal identities in accordance with the Money Laundering Act (AML), e.g. with identity Video for immediate account opening, as by Fidor Bank.


Apply for Credit

Media-consistent processing of an identity check - immediate signing of credit applications online.

For example: Couchkredit by SWK Bank.


Driver's Licence Check

Digital onboarding for new customers and risk minimization for CarSharer, such as WeShare and Flottenmanager in accordance with the road traffic act and other legal requirements. 


Sign in a Phone Contract

Digital signing via PC or smartphone within minutes. Replaces written form requirement §126a of German Civil Code (BGB).


Change your Provider

Convenient transfer of your telecommunications contract to alternative provider without loss of access, e.g. ALDI TALK.


Legitimize Companies

Identification of companies and authorised representatives by means of, among other things, an HR extract. Successfully provided for 1&1.


Change Health Insurance

Digital provider change without media discontinuity in the health care field.


Allow Online Gaming

Immediate age verification online with valid ID card.


Play Online Lottery

Quick and easy age verification according to the youth protection law.


identity Management

Our Company boasts a 90% conversion rate thanks to online and offline identification procedures and the possibility of changing methods according to individual customer requirements. Users can select a system & identity Management accompanies the process, supports questions or a break-off, and offers alternative identification procedures according to defined SLAs (if required). This way guarantees a unique customer experience and highest customer satisfaction.

identity Management, certified by SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH, entitles us to verify the identity of natural persons for trust service providers utilizing conformity validation according to eIDAS. In addition, we create individual & transparent reports for a constant overview of user behavior.