identity.TM Video
Mobile or web identity verification in 3 - 5 minutes from anywhere and at any time.

identity Video

identity Video is a safe, secure and comfortable method of identification in real time without media disruption.

You can be identified from anywhere at any time within 3 to 5 minutes by web browser or by using our mobile apps. Our service is available 24 hours 7 days a week.

You will receive the results of the identification immediately following in real time.

An application as „software as a service" is available and we offer extensive contract management services through identity eSign as an option.

Identification, eWallet, eSignature - anywhere, anytime!




at home or on the road using PC or Smartphone


Video call

identity verification on the basis of an ID document



receive TAN for confirm 



of identy data by entering TAN



for immediate utilization by contractor in real time

User Information

For identification by video, you will need a PC or laptop with camera and microphone or a smartphone or tablet with stable internet connection.

Identification is performed in a video conference between yourself and one of our trained, professional video agents.

The verification of your identity takes 3 - 5 minutes. All you need is a valid passport or ID document. In some cases your driver's license may suffice.

You will receive step by step information and support from one of our friendly agents. After your identity has been verified, additional information may be send by email.

You may start your video conference via browser immediately, make an appointment or download a smartphone app (Android and iOS).

identity video is an audited and certified identification procedure by SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH. The protection of your personal data is our utmost concern. We only use the personal data necessary to comply with legal requirements and all data will be immediately deleted as soon as the identification process has been completed regardless of its result.

Identification, eWallet, eSignature - anywhere, anytime!

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