Ethical Principles of identity Trust Management AG

The employees and principals of identity Trust Management AG always act responsible, transparent and conform with the law, focusing heavily on flexible, innovative and legally compliant solutions for its customers.

Significant components of our corporate culture are trustworthy and mutually respectful dealings with our clients, partners and employees, regardless of age, religion, race, skin color, gender, social status or ethnic origin.

Integrity, transparency and absolute data security are the basis of our corporate philosophy. Information and personal data are solely used for their intended and designated business purpose.

Verbal and written contracts, confidentiality and third party intellectual property will always be respected and honored.

identity Trust Management AG is firmly bound by the good reputation of its business associates.

Suggestions, references, or concerns of clients, client’s customers or employees are essential dictums which will be pursued with diligent urgency and prudence.

All business dealings of identity Trust Management AG are of highest moral and ethical standards. We condemn acceptance of benefits, corruption and bribery and even the attempt is brought to complaint for criminal prosecution.

These are the principles and guidelines identity Trust Management AG is governed by, and our dealings and actions are guided accordingly.

identity Trust Management AG
Board of Directors