identity.TM autoID
Identity check, drivers license check or age verification within a minute using smartphone and optical character recognition.


identity autoID

identity autoID uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to read and transmit ID data by smartphone and allows for verification of existing data within seconds. Frequent re-verification of ID or drivers licenses can be processed efficient from anywhere at any time.

identity autoID is available with additional components such as live agent interaction if necessary.

Identification, eWallet, eSignature - anywhere, anytime!



Start identification

Reference number
and App link (Android/iOS)



Enter Last name and reference number


Scan document

Front an back of ID
or drivers license



Transmission to partner in real time


User Information

identity autoID is an App based solution and available in Android and iOS versions. By activating your personal link you will be forwarded to your respective App version. Your personal reference number will be send to you at the same time. Download the app, enter your name and reference number and hold your document in front of the respective field on your smartphone. The result of identity autoID is transmitted immediately to you and our customer requesting the identification.

Identification, eWallet, eSignature - anywhere, anytime!